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Long Term Care Insurance Quotes, Co.: Medicare, Part 2

Medicare is a type of plan. You can choose which plan you wish to be on. For example, the standard plan gives you both the A and B plans, which might be worthwhile to be on if you have health problems and need hospital and medical attention frequently. You can choose to go to any hospital or doctor that accepts Medicare. You must pay your share (if you need to) and Medicare pays its share. Sometimes, like your typical standard insurance, prescriptions may or may not be covered. Just make sure you read all of the Medicare guidelines if you go this route. In addition, this plan is available in most of the United States, so check with your Social Security office to make sure.

On the Managed Care Plans provided by Medicare, you can only go the doctors, hospitals, and care providers that are listed on their established plan. These managed care plans cover both A and B; this is a cheaper plan to go with, and you can sometimes have your prescriptions paid for.

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