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Long Term Care Insurance Quotes, Co.: Glossary, Part 2

Daily Benefit

This is the coverage amount that the long term care insurance policy provides for you. This is paid out daily, and covers the cost of all of your long term care needs.

The daily benefit is determined by what you set it to be. It can go from $50.00 or less, to $200.00 or more a day. The more the daily benefit, the more expensive your policy. Before you decide how much you want your daily benefit to be, make sure that you know how much nursing home costs and long term care will cost you a day. This should give you a big hint as to how much coverage you need. However, just because a nursing home or long term care facility is cheap, does not mean that it is better. Do not sacrifice quality for cost. We will take care of the long term care insurance quotes; meanwhile, you take care of yourself.