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What about Medicaid? Is that right for me? Is Long Term Care Insurance Quotes policies good for me?

Long term care insurance quotes policies vs. Medicare

Because Medicaid is a welfare program based individually in each state, there are restrictions and limits as to how much a person can solicit and how much money you must have (or not have) in order to receive Medicaid.

If you are of a very low income bracket, Medicaid doesn't do much for you in terms of long term care. For example, Medicaid will only pay for a long term care facility that is certified by the state's government. What if you insist on a long term care facility that you like, but you cannot afford to pay for it without Medicaid? Then, you are pretty much stuck. Obtain a free long term care insurance quote from us today, and we'll try to get you the lowest long term care insurance quote as possible. long term care insurance quotes